The Benefits Of Energy Management Solutions

The Benefits Of Energy Management Solutions

Outdated energy management solutions can cause unexpected, costly downtime. energy management solutions such as digital asset management and cloud computing are redefining the way businesses sustain operations. For example, organizations are saving 150% more on energy costs by moving their data to the cloud. That’s a lot of money you can use to invest in your employees or grow your business.

Manage power and cooling more effectively

Power and cooling are two of the biggest cost centers in any data center. Businesses waste billions of dollars each year on inefficient cooling systems, and many don’t have the tools to understand why. With a comprehensive data center management solution, businesses can reduce excessive heat, detect problems before they occur, and automate energy management tasks so employees spend less time dealing with energy issues.

Get real-time visibility into your facility’s energy use

Smart Energy Connect

Energy management solutions like Smart Energy Connect provide businesses with a dashboard of all facilities equipment including HVACs, UPSs, racks and IT equipment. This allows you to know when equipment is down and which systems are drawing excessive amounts of energy.

In addition, data center management solutions can help you understand your facility’s energy usage and identify the energy efficiency projects necessary to meet your organization’s goals.

Detect when a problem occurs and take action

Power outages and over-heating incidents are not the only sources of downtime. A comprehensive data center management solution can also help you detect problems before they occur, such as equipment failures, improper airflow configurations, or incorrect power configuration settings.

No business wants downtime. The same goes for equipment and IT operations. Energy management solutions can help you detect problems before they occur, so your organization can get back to business without a hitch.

Focus on the right tasks at the right time

On average, energy management solutions spend 70% of their time managing non-critical tasks such as power and cooling. For example, when a server is pulled from a rack to replace an overheated CPU cooler, the replacement process lasts an average of 10 minutes. During this 10-minute downtime your equipment is down and cooling systems are being wasted.

When your energy management solution is automated, you can dedicate its full time to tasks like power management, rack maintenance and loading/unloading of equipment.

Save money with smarter control of cooling and power

​There are multiple ways that businesses cost themselves money through energy waste. For example, each year workplaces spend more than $7 billion on electric cooling equipment that does not get enough use. In addition, businesses waste about $1 billion on UPSs for data centers which are not being used at all or just enough to maintain their performance. Energy management solutions enable businesses to reduce this waste by automating processes such as HVAC maintenance and load/unload functions.