Break Bulk Shipping – Transporting Bulk Cargo Made Easy

Many industries involve shipping products or raw materials from one place to the other, and sometimes, this couldn’t be done in traditional ways because some things are too heavy for that. It can be because of shape, size, weight, or because some items don’t fit in the cargo containers. This is a kind of situation where break bulk shipping is needed. It is the perfect solution to transport items that cannot be transported in other ways.

What is breakbulk shipping?

It is a logistical solution where difficult-to-transport items are put in versatile containers like bags, crates, boxes, or barrels to be transported. There are times when even these solutions fail, and then, the material is lifted and put onto the transporting vehicle with no container.

Break Bulk Shipping

What items need break bulk shipping?

There is no shortage of items to be   transported with the break bulk shipping method. Some examples are –

  1. Manufacturing equipment
  2. Heavy goods
  3. Building materials like steel girders
  4. Large vehicles
  5. Oversized goods
  6. Turbine components

The use of this method has gained quite popularity as more senders are looking away from containerization. It is not an entirely new thing for shipping products and thus, reliable.

Benefits of break bulk shipping

The top benefits of this kind of shipping are:

Transport of super-large goods

The primary benefit of break bulk shipping is that the break bulk cargo is loaded directly to the transport with the use of cranes. A breakbulk ship is also equipped with the necessary equipment to unload the cargo.

Affordable and fewer port restrictions

Transporting by ships is affordable as compared to inland transport. You can deliver the goods to any part of the world.


The method is time-saving as the goods are not split too much. The goods arrive at the port at the same time.

Finding break bulk cargo movement solutions

Break bulk cargo shipping solution is provided by many logistic companies but the quality of Halco Primo Logistics (HPL) is unmatchable. It stands out from other services by creating and delivering high-quality and value-added solutions to fulfil the customer’s expectations.

HPL makes logistics seem a simple process with the help of the following:

  1. Expert supply management
  2. Dedicated team with a single point of contact to avoid miscommunication or delayed communication.
  3. Professional execution while handling a project

The company serves many industries, including mining, heavy machinery, and oil & gas.

HPL has offices in countries other than Singapore that connect your business to the world. It also bridges any logistical gap your organization might face, enabling your organization to work smoother.