Want to Know About Singapore Serviced Apartments? Read Here To Know

Want to Know About Singapore Serviced Apartments? Read Here To Know

Serviced flats offer amenities almost like those of a regular edifice, however with a lot of space, comfort, and privacy therefore you will feel reception whereas motion – and usually at a significantly cheaper price. maintained flats have long been accessible on most net booking services, though they’re seldom enclosed in their category; instead, they’re usually listed with normal edifice rooms underneath the heading “apartment.” the problem is that maintained flats supply far more than simply the essential housing layout and don’t seem to be equated to plain edifice rooms.

However, the phrase is gradually growing in use outside the realm of business travel, in part because more and more leisure travelers are discovering that serviced apartments are an option and provide a reliable and affordable alternative. They are especially cost-effective for extended visits, as well as for family and group travel. In this article, you will get to know about singapore serviced apartment.

singapore serviced apartment

Why Choose Serviced Apartments?

Nowadays, especially business travelers are searching for alternate lodging options to have a more comfortable stay when they are away from home. They provide you the flexibility to act exactly as you would at home, giving you room, privacy, and comfort in your environment. After finishing work in the living room, throwing your workout attire in the washer, and relaxing in bed to watch Netflix, you can prepare your meals in the kitchen.

What Are The Advantages Of A Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment gives the same vibe that a house would give. It is bigger than any hotel room. If someone wants to stay for a longer period in the serviced apartments then the cost will be less as compared to that of a hotel for staying for longer periods. A serviced apartment consists of a well-furnished and well-equipped kitchen. It has free wifi and sometimes some serviced apartments contain gyms also. Moreover, a serviced apartment is like a house only. The only difference is that for living in your own house you do not need to pay any money while in a serviced apartment you have to pay for your stay.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Serviced Apartments In Singapore

If you are living in Singapore and looking for serviced apartments then below are the names of some Singapore serviced apartments:

  • Adina Serviced Apartments Singapore Orchard
  • Alocasiasia Serviced Apartments
  • Citadines Fusionopolis Singapore
  • Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore


A serviced apartment is a very good option if you are working outside or away from your house but still want the homely vibes. They come with everything that you would need in a home. Some serviced apartments in Singapore are also mentioned here.