Does education help women empowerment?

Does education help women empowerment?

Women often face a lot of discrimination in underdeveloped and developing nations. The only weapon to fight against this sort of suppression is education. Patrons like bashir dawood in the world who motivate underprivileged children to learn and prosper in life are a boon to society. Do you want to know how educationhelps women? Here you go!

  • Education liberates
  • Financial independence
  • Elimination of social evils
  • Independence

Education liberates: Subjects like history and social sciences improve the understanding of people, nature, nations and other various aspects of the world. It is a doorway to gaining knowledge about how things work and can change as per the situations. Women can use the obtained awareness to explore more opportunities for their overall development.

Financial independence: As mentioned in the first para, ladies in underdeveloped countries are subjected to live a life that is confined to the kitchen. People when restricted to one area of living tend to depend on their spouses or elderly males for basic needs. This is because they are not allowed to step out of their homes. But an educated woman can earn her living and thereby support other struggling females as well.

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Elimination of social evils: The certain portion of ladies in backward areas are forced to get married in their late teens. Such practices can negatively affect the health of females. Abortions, sexual abuse by partners, and domestic violence can take place and destroy the adulthood of girls. Such circumstances degrade the morale as well as the health of individuals. An educated lady will learn about the right and legal practices that can save her from oppression.

Independence: When a person earns money on their own, they have a right to make choices in every aspect of their lives, be it relationships, career, sexuality, lifestyle, food etc., On the contrary, an education-less individual is bound to take orders from the source of income at home. Dependency on anyone can decrease one’s self-respect and integrity.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that every female must and should get educated either through seeking help from the government or volunteers. Liberation, financial independence and elimination of social evils are some of the benefits for educated ladies. There is no reason to be illiterate in the current generation as there are several NGOs and government entities ready to provide education to all humans irrespective of gender.