5 Yoga Poses That Help Stimulate Fat Loss

5 Yoga Poses That Help Stimulate Fat Loss

With the hectic lifestyle of today’s world, fitness has taken a backseat, and the increasing number of restaurants and fast-food joints are of no help. More than a billion people globally are obese and seeking ways to lose body fat. While there is no particular formula to reduce weight, a few yoga poses do help in the process. If you are trying to lose weight, take yoga training classes, where you will learn poses that help stimulate weight loss and later guide others on the same path as you.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that brings harmony and peace between the mind and body. It is a process of self-discovery and requires concentration. Yoga was discovered in ancient books and Vedas and includes five basic principles

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation

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Yoga increases self-awareness and will help you choose healthy lifestyle options. Besides weight loss, it has other benefits

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved endurance
  • Stress management
  • Boost metabolism

Some yoga poses that help in weight reduction

Chaturanga dandasana- Plank pose

Although simple, this pose possesses many benefits. It is a superb way to strengthen your core. Once in the form, you will feel the intensity on your abdominal muscles. Hold your body facing the floor on your palms and toes for 30 seconds a few times throughout the day.

Virabhadrasana- Warrior pose

With the help of the warrior II pose, you can tone your things, shoulders and stomach. The more you hold the position, the better results you will reap. To imitate this pose, take a huge step back with toes slightly in and place the other foot parallel to the first one approx three feet apart. Once you achieve this position, spread your arms as if you are flying. Warrior III pose aims to improve balance and tone the legs, arms and spine. You can tone your stomach by contracting the abdominal muscles while performing the pose. This asana is not advised for patients with weak hearts. To learn more about which asana cannot be performed in which medical conditions, enrol yourself for yoga training classes where you will learn everything about the art from scratch.

Trikonasana- Triangle pose

This asana helps improve digestion and reduce fat deposited in the waist and belly. It also improves blood circulation. This asana requires you to spread your legs sideways and touch the front foot with the top hand. The lateral movement helps to burn fat from the waist and build muscles in the thigh.

Sarvangasana-Shoulder stand pose

Sarvangasana has plenty of benefits but mainly improves metabolism and maintains thyroid levels. It strengthens the legs, abdominal muscles, upper body, respiratory system and fixed sleep.


Sethu bandha sarvangasana- Bridge pose

Another asana with a majority of advantages. It is brilliant for weight loss, glutes, back pain and digestion.

Remember to breathe while practising the poses, and don’t over-exert yourself.