Benefits of nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination

Benefits of nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination


In terms of valuable and essential services, healthcare is important in maintaining an individual’s health and eliminating any health issues that they may be facing. Everyone benefits from good healthcare plans as these allow for regular improvements while at the same time depending upon the competency of professionals. With the help of organized healthcare, individuals can deal with any health problems they may be facing regarding their bodies on a regular basis. So what are the benefits of a nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination, and how does it help improve an individual’s health and lifestyle?

Benefits of a nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination

Performed in the comfort of your home – One of the major advantages of this nursing plan is that individuals do not have to leave their houses and visit the hospital to receive health care. They can simply depend upon the service being offered by the professionals and let them carry out the procedure in their own house. This is especially beneficial because it allows an individual to prevent any more pain that could have been stimulated by travel. Having the procedure done at home is also good at providing a very warm and comfortable environment for the individual to relax, especially considering the procedure.

Nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination


A controlled, safe environment – Although hospitals are very sanitary, there is also a high risk of an individual catching an infection within the hospital area. This could be very harmful as it would have unintended consequences on their existing condition and may even cause comorbidity or multiple side effects. Additionally, since the procedure would be done at home, sanitation and security can be easily controlled and maintained by professionals to ensure that an individual does not face such a risk.

Saves time for the individual – Since the individual does not have to visit a hospital to insert a urinary catheter or any other related medical procedures, they end up saving a substantial amount of time. They do not have to travel all the way to the hospital and can instead wait for the nurse to come to the house and do the procedure for them as a specialist.

Prices for the services – The prices charged for the health care services would depend upon the procedure required by the individual. If they need a nurse for supervision after the procedure, then prices may vary compared to procedures done at home. The prices may also be charged according to the number of visits or as a set package for a certain amount of time.


Individuals who are facing urinary issues could majorly benefit from a nursing care plan for impaired urinary elimination because of the multiple perks it offers in terms of convenience, saving time, and price.