How have Gifting Flowers Evolved Through the Ages?

How have Gifting Flowers Evolved Through the Ages?

Gifting flowers has been disputed, and many have argued for and against it. People claim that flowers perish within a day and don’t have any apparent use, unlike other gifts. It is considered a very non-personal and simple gift. But if they were to be believed, the flower gifting tradition would have ended long ago. Let us find out why it is still relevant and, on that note, send your loved one floral gifts singapore.

Ancient Times

Gifting flowers to a loved one is not a new trend. It has always been part of humanity since the beginning of civilization. There are records of a flower as gifts in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empire. Flowers being gifts of nature to us, it was offered to gods as a note of gratitude and benevolence.

For the Egyptians, flowers were rare and only grew in an oasis or near the Nile River, hence were considered gifts. The Greeks used them for decorations at events and used them for storytelling. Soon it spread, and they started gifting to the ladies they adored. Another interesting fact is that Turks were the first to symbolize flowers for emotions.

Victorian Era

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This era is the era of elegance, and flowers are the most elegant things in the world. A new love for beautiful exotic flowers grew, and people thought them to be assets. So, it is evident they felt giving their most prized possessions, the flowers from their garden, the best gift to their loved ones. They used it to apologize and express love, gratitude, and good wishes. The Victorians were so obsessed with flowers, their symbolism, meaning, and arrangements that they wrote many books about them.

Also, during revolutions, flowers were considered most discreet, and every flower symbolized a different message. Communicating via the code of flowers was unique and fool-proof, and spies used it for a long time.

Flower Arrangements of Today

Generally, we gift bouquets on good occasions and wreaths for funerals; this is the basic arrangement we know. But there are so many arrangements of flowers that could mean so many different things.

The number of roses, the kind of flowers used, etc., could mean unique things. Today’s flower arrangements come in extravagant life-size arrangements to miniature prettier versions arranged in envelopes or gift boxes.


Whatever modern technology may come, however costliest gifts you may choose. Nothing puts an instant smile on the face like an arrangement of flowers. The smell, colors, and feel of flowers are undeniably the best. Though they are perishable, the instant joy it brings is incomparable.