Why there is an increasing demand for vibration monitoring systems

Maintenance of a commercial plant is a breeze if all the required tools and machinery are in place. However, machines alone are not enough to manufacture products. Regular inspection of the equipment is necessary to prevent undesired failure and downtime. This is why many industrial companies are utilizing real time vibration monitoring systems.

What is meant by vibration monitoring?

Vibration sensors or vibration meters are used to detect changes in the frequency of the machines. This technique is implemented to check the machine components and identify potential downtime and faults. Software is installed in the devices that are used to monitor the vibration in the parts of the manufacturing devices. The software displays severity codes as per the degree of frequency changes.

Real Time Vibration Monitoring

Why do construction or manufacturing supervisors choose a vibration monitoring system?

  • Quick screening to act faster
  • Reduces human labour
  • Saves money

Quick screening to act faster: It is not possible to review each and every corner of the site to find out errors or damage. However, the installation of a vibration censor even in nooks and crannies of the location can send out necessary signals within minutes. The workers can use the indications to take the right action and prevent accidents in the plant. The misalignment, imbalance, looseness, and bearing wear linked to the manufacturing tools can be quickly identified and addressed eliminating the need to wait until the arrival of an emergency.

Reduces human labour: This might sound silly, but the absence of a vibration meter will need the workers to take a tour of the site and find out potential manufacturing threats. This means the individual has to shed some calories and also give his valuable time for the inspection. On the contrary, a commercial property installed with vibration monitoring systems will save the workers from incurring additional time and energy on checking the machine components.

Saves money: As discussed earlier, it saves time for blue-collar employees and also prevents the company from spending the amount for the recovery of damages caused by faulty machines. The negligence to consider a vibration monitoring system can force the owner to spend loads of money for the recovery of a loss due to accidents caused by unaddressed issues of the manufacturing components.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that a vibration monitoringsystem is essential for anindustrial plant as it can reduce human labour, saves money, and promotes the welfare of the organization. That being said, you as an owner must consider your company’s needs and accordingly make a choice.