Defining Best Travel Experience: Exclusive Privileges and Rewards

Defining Best Travel Experience: Exclusive Privileges and Rewards

Planning to travel soon?

Going to different places is one of the best ways to unwind and achieve a fulfilling vacation for yourself and your family. These are some of the reasons why many individuals in these modern times love to travel. The fulfillment in discovering new things has a healing and de-stressing factor that makes traveling worth it! Because as everyone knows, traveling also means spending time and money.

Back in the old times, moving from one place to another was very challenging. Whether it is about goods and services, things were really difficult back then. But things are different now, especially when it comes to traveling. Now, people can easily go to the nearest and farthest places through the different modes of transportation. Through the discoveries and innovations in the transportation industry, today’s generation has higher opportunities to travel anytime and anywhere they want!

points rewards

Safe Skies You Deserve


One of the fastest ways to get to your dream destination is by traveling by airplane. When it comes to the safe skies that you deserve, Cathay Pacific is here!

Every travel with Cathay Pacific allows its members to earn Status Points, which will provide travelers with exciting perks and incentives. But first, start to apply for membership by providing personal information and start collecting points on every flight. Feel free to inquire and get in touch with customer support to start becoming a Cathay member now!

For those who are now curious about the said information, they are now surely asking what they can get from being a member. Do not worry because there are initial benefits to joining the traveler community here in Cathay: faster transactions through online orders and bookings, priority online check-in in every travel, and easily earning and spending Asia Miles. More perks and privileges are awaiting the members depending on their status.

There are four (4) categories for being a Cathay member: Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each has its own set of perks that are exclusive to the members. The status depends on the Status Points of a certain member, which means that the progress of the said categories will only be one step at a time. Now, the question is: how do you earn Status Points?

  • Fly with Cathay Pacific
  • Fly with Cathay Pacific’s Partners
  • Spend through Cathay’s card

Get to know more about Status Points through the contact details provided on their official website. Consider checking frequently asked questions on their page because most concerns are already answered here, especially when it comes to common inquiries about flights, points rewards, shopping, and more.

What makes traveling worth it in Cathay?

Luxurious travel experience is what makes Cathay far different from others. With their offer of perks and privileges to their members, many loved to travel with them every time they would fly to go to their different dream destinations. They are really considered a game-changer when it comes to providing excellent and satisfying travel experiences in these times – from understanding the needs of the travelers to providing safe skies for them.

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