Benefits of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Benefits of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Contracted as tankless or on-demand heaters, instant electric water heaters have been popularly used over the last few years as they are far better than conventional storage tank models. The following are some of the key benefits associated with an instant electric water heater:

Space savings

The most important is that no bulky water storage tank is required for instant electric water heater. It means that hot water can be kept out of a tank that is constantly full. It is the main reason why it is mainly applicable in small houses and flats with limited space.


Storage tanks for water heating always lose heat continuously over time due to standby loss, thereby leading to substantial energy wastage. Since instant electric heaters only heat water when necessary, there is almost no standby loss. It makes them cheaper than equivalent capacity storage tank heaters as electricity bills are concerned.

Endless hot water

Traditional boilers eventually run out of hot water stored in their tanks, but not these because they supply hot water directly from the pipe. Hot water flows generously without limits within seconds thanks to its quick response, while it maintains a constant temperature throughout this entire process.

Precise temperature control

Water temperatures are usually unstable when using storage tank heaters, whereas electric instant heaters use advanced temperature sensors and flow control mechanisms to provide users with exactly what they want at any given moment. They even come with multiple remote control panel systems for easy temperature regulation.

Longer lifespan

Most instant units have warranties lasting 20 years or more, compared to a 10-year warranty on the tank-based ones. On average, it is estimated that they can last up to about 24 years provided such appliances receive proper care, thus saving people a lot of expenses and inconveniences in their lifetime.

Safety features

The advanced safety sensors immediately switch off overheating or unsafe current spills, while water flow regulators ensure that there is no scalding or thermal shock. Such aspects minimize any risks associated with injuries and are very important in homes where there are elderly individuals and young children.

Easy installation

Compact tankless heaters can be mounted on walls or placed into small niches, whereas tank models cannot fit into these spaces at all. These modular units are simple for homeowners to connect themselves using standard plumbing fittings and plug into an electrical outlet. However, some expensive whole-house or hybrid models may require professional installation.


Tankless water heaters are generally more useful and advantageous in terms of the economy compared to the former.While the initial cost is usually expensive, most models save money in terms of space, utilities used, and safety, as well as reliability later on.

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