All You Need To Know About Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

Taoist funeral services vary depending on the ethnic group of the deceased. Funeral rites and arrangements differ according to dialect group. The logistics would be unique as well. Harmony Funeral Care assists with the complete Taoist Funeral Service through scheduling for the Priest and dealing out the practicalities so that you can concentrate your limited efforts on dealing with the loss itself during this difficult time. A Taoist Funeral Service Singapore often lasts three, five, or seven days.

Things To Know About Taoist Funeral Services

In general, the following elements would be present at a Taoist Funeral Service:

  • Closing night prayer service when paper items are burned as tributes for the deceased. Final Day send-off by a priest.
  • On the last day of a Taoist Funeral Service, additional objects such as a modern live band, a folk music band, big-headed dolls, and a traditional metal coffin are also frequent.
  • Taoist funerals frequently include food and flower offerings to the departed. Candles, lights, tea, grain, and water are seen at Taoist funerals. Each item has a symbolic purpose, and the rites in a Taoist Funeral aim to ensure that the deceased’s soul has a peaceful passage in the afterlife.

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  • Special clothing is worn by persons who died at a given age to have been blessed with a longer lifespan and numerous progeny. This outfit has the highest-quality layers, usually to keep the departed warm even in the hereafter.
  • In some circumstances, a pearl into the mouth of the deceased. The pearl, including its gleaming characteristics, is thought to safeguard the deceased’s body and to be an enabling factor in Hell. Similarly, a sack of rice is placed over the coffin.

Procession of Taoist funeral

Taoist funerals include an altar with a portrait of the deceased ahead of the casket. Around the altar, friends and relatives give their condolences and respect.

The funeral ceremony begins with the singing of Taoist scriptures, and mourners weep as loudly as they can. After everyone has offered their respects, the casket will shut, but it is forbidden to gaze at it. The coffin is then wrapped in white and yellow sheets before being set outside. When the time comes for the funeral, grieving guests and relatives must look away once more as the deceased’s body into the earth.

Taoist funeral services Singapore rites consist of three primary components: the unconfining ceremony performed by a Taoist priest, prayer meetings on the final night, and the submission on the day. It may necessitate extensive logistics planning. Hiring an expert funeral director will allow the grieving family to concentrate on their grief.