Learn the essentials about chemotherapy for lung cancer

Learn the essentials about chemotherapy for lung cancer

Cancer is a disease that causes cells n the body to grow uncontrollably. It is a huge health hazard faced by humans in the 21st century. Depending on where the cells start growing, cancer can be identified. If the growth is found in the breasts, then it is breast cancer while if it is in the lungs then it is lung cancer. As one can understand from this, there are many varieties of cancer. Based on WHO survey data of 2020, the most number of new cancer cases were related to breasts while the next was lung cancer.

Science has not been able to identify the reason a person suffers from cancer. Through a lot of research, they have been able to identify the factors that cause people to have a higher likelihood of developing cancer. Along with that, while they were not able to find out a cure for cancer, they were able to find out a few treatment methods that were able to reduce and sometimes even cure cancer. Talking about lung cancer, one of the methods to cure is chemotherapy for lung cancer. But, before continuing with this article, it is crucial to note that the reader should always consult a doctor before taking any medical decision. This article is meant to give the reader a better understanding of treatment methods for lung cancer so that when they visit a doctor, they can understand and take informed decisions.

Chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer: Drugs and prognosis

Treatment methods

  • Surgery – This is one of the most basic treatment methods. A treatment for the early stages, it works by literally cutting the abnormal growth parts of the body through surgery. Once the affected section is removed, there will be no issues.
  • Radiation – This treatment is used when the cancer cells are all in one area. Through the use of radiation, these cells can be killed.
  • Chemotherapy – Through the use of an IV drip, chemicals designed to prevent the division of cells are injected into the body. This treatment requires the patient to go through cycles of chemo which will prevent cells from growing. There are many side effects from chemotherapy for lung cancer, the main of which is hair loss, sores, and tiredness.
  • Targetted – By using drugs to block the cancer cells of the body, cancer growth can be suppressed. While it is safer, the criterion to use it as a treatment method is rare as it requires cancer cells to display slight abnormality.
  • Immunotherapy – It treats cancer by activating the immune system of the body. Since it is a new treatment method, research is still being done.

Most of the treatment methods are used in conjunction with each other. Before taking any decision the reader should visit and check with the doctor to get advice. Sometimes the doctor says things that you don’t want to hear but need to hear.